Review – Is Boatauctionsdirect Legit or Scam? Review – Is Boatauctionsdirect Legit or Scam?


Boats are often called money pits, they are expensive to buy, expensive to maintain and expensive to use but they are a great way to spend your time! You may be able to cut back on the expensive to buy issue if you check out


I decided to check things out to see exactly how viable this site was for boat shopping purposes. I could tell from the start that there was going to be upfront money involved. I knew from the minute I noticed that this was a member based site that you have to be careful about which site to join. Most people prefer using a service like so you many want to check them out also after you get done reading this review.



What Other People Think about


At a guest to the site left the following “Joined Boat Auctions Direct a few days ago. WELL organized with usable sources.”


I could not find anything else negative or positive about the site. I was still out on whether paying the $29.95 fee was something I would recommend or was the information easily accessible from simply doing a google generic search?


It is hard to come up with an answer when there really is nothing to persuade one way or the other except for my own personal dislike of paying for free information.


Some Facts To Help You


I am going to leave it up to you as to whether you think you should join up and use this service, here are some facts about the site that can help you do that:


                     One time fee $29.95

                     Every state in my general area had 60 something boats, trailers and personal watercraft for auction. Including TN and KY which are interior states (far less likely to have had boats seized by government agencies.

                     The site is easy enough to use.

                     There are not enough questions presented or answered in the FAQ section.

                     No contact phone. The only option for contact you are given is a webform which they say they will respond to in 24 hours.


Subscription Price: $29.95

Number of Items: Not Known

Geographical Location: Nationwide


Overall, the review shows that this is a legit site and not a scam, however most people prefer using are more established site like for finding deals online.