Review - Is Bigdeal a Scam? Review - Is Bigdeal a Scam?



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Editors rating  star star star 
Users' rating   star star 
Subscription Price   FREE to join, membership fees for placing bids only
Number of Listings    About 100 auctions updated daily
Geography    Nationwide 
Types of Auctions     Online auctions
Customer Service 

  E-mail support

Bonuses   Loyalty Bucks rewards program
Free Search    Yes 
Auction Tips & Guides   Yes 
Purchase Direct   Yes
Money Back Guarantee   No

Publisher’s Description

Based in San Francisco, is a venture-backed company (we have raised $4.5M from top Silicon Valley venture firms) that is pioneering a new type of auction game. Our auctions are different than typical Internet auctions in the following three ways:

1. In order to bid in our auctions, you must purchase Bid Tokens. They cost $0.75 each.

2. If you win an auction, you are likely to get a really big discount. Our winners save about 65% on average. We only auction new, factory-sealed items.

3. If you don’t win an auction, you don’t have to lose your money. You can buy the auction item from us at a discount equal to the money you invested in the auction.

Editor’s Review

While making ambitious claims of raising millions from top-rated investors and being featured in New York Times, does not look like an original and outstanding project, though. In fact, it is another penny site: nothing more, nothing less. While there are some additional user-friendly features implemented on the website, such as “Buy-It-Now” feature and a “Loyalty Bucks” rewards program, they do not offset hefty fees of $0.75 per bid. Also, “Buy-It-Now” prices seem to be quite inflated when compared to other retailers. Overall, the reviews shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it lacks some of the features and big ticket that is offered by the consumers #1 rated auction site of Auction Resource.


User Feedback

Authentic Reviews Guaranteed: is the only website that uses REAL independent testimonials of people who have actually purchased the product being reviewed.

  “This website is extremely dangerous. I recently signed up and bought 50 bids on their site. It was only a few days before I started receiving unusual post mail and email. Soon after I began receiving this unwanted mail I received a credit alert. It had appeared that somebody had opened an account in my name! And that is only within two weeks of signing up for the site.”

“Beware of Myself, and many other unwitting sucke rs have lost a whole lot of money on this site, and as yet, bigdeal has done little to address or rectify my concerns or complaints.”

“The monitors I won I got for 9$ and 30$... I wouldn't say this is what you should expect but it was pretty awesome!” Yahoo Answers.

“Buyer beware!! Buy these products on eBay or from other reputable sites. Trust me you will save money.”

“It does sound like an enticing shopping opportunity.” New York Times.


From the review, this is a legit site and is not a scam, although it does lack some of the big ticket items that you can find at a site like Auction Resource. Review - Is Bigdeal a Scam?


















Penny Auction Strategies  


When it comes to penny auction strategies there are as many as there are pennies in the world.  A lot of people use penny auction sites to pay a lot less than retail. These sites are a great way to save money if you can find the strategy that works for you! You should read the bigdeal review to find out if this auction site is legit or a bigdeal scam. 


No matter who you ask on a penny auction site what there strategy is you will get a different answer. What it all boils down to really is taking bits and pieces of some of the tried and true strategies and molding them into something that works for you.  


Some Choices 


There are some tried and true strategies out there. In some cases they have funny nicknames to describe the tactic. Regardless of the name these ideas really do seem to work for most people. Check out the bigdeal review to find out if is legit or a scam. 


Flight or Fight  


In some cases it is wiser as a strategy to take the flight reaction! In this strategy it is not used to win more but instead to lose less. When you are faced with a high roller that has an incredible amount of money to lose you are best to duck out of the game. How do you know who the high rollers are? Look for the person that is bidding, bidding and bidding some more. The high roller is the guy that loses a lot of money just to win! That guy that you know has a huge bank roll. Do yourself a favor and just avoid the situation. Read the Bigdeal review to find out if this penny auction site is a bigdeal scam.  


Last Minute Annie  


This strategy is the most popular you wait until the final few minutes before you join the battle. This works sometimes but in many cases you are coming on board after the price has been driven up. A lot o people feel like winning at all costs is still a good win. It is irrational to think that way. You want to save money not pay above retail!  


On the up side of last minute Annie you may show up when everyone else is out of money and wind up winning.  


Drag Along Sam  


This strategy demands that you drag things out as long as you can. It also demands that you sit by the computer during the battle. The idea here is that you are in control of the auction and that you are going to drag it on long enough to where everyone else is warn out. You bid the lowest possible bid that you can each and every time and eventually your will be the last bidder standing. Make sure to read the entire review to find out if is legit and is not a scam. 


No matter which strategy you try you will have to tweak it to fit your own personal style for it to be effective.  


Reading the Bigdeal review will let you know if is a scam or not.