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Bidzillion Reviews – Is a Scam?   



The reviews show that this is an auction website that is set up in the penny auction model. You have to purchase bids before you ever actually bid. Some things I liked immediately about the website was that the company posts their toll free number for customer support right on the landing page, and there is also a live chat option, but unfortunately it was offline when I visited which was a bit odd because I visited during normal business hours. I checked back a few times during my visit and at no point was the online chat featured enabled.  



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The website itself was well laid out, and easy to navigate. The FAQ link is located at the bottom of the landing page. The FAQ page is informative and did address most of my questions, I really would have liked for that chat feature to work though. The bids range from $.50 to $.75 largely depending on the size of the bid pack that you purchase the larger the pack the cheaper the bids. Bid packs start out 20 per pack which is the $.75 per bid option. So for roughly $!5.00 you can get in the game. Registration is free and there is no charge to browse.   


I checked out the “sold” page to see if the bargains were as grand as advertised and found the following: an Apple Mac Book that was won for $42.38 which translates into roughly $317 in real money if the winner used the higher costing bids, still a really great deal! There was also a Playstation 3 that was won for $12.13 which translates into around $79 another great deal! 


According to the website spent bids can be applied to the buy it now feature “Here at Bidzillion we offer the customer to take advantage of using the bids they have spent on an auction towards the buy now on the retail price. The price per bid that will be deducted off the retail price is 50 cents. We do not permit any customer to use bids spent on one auction and apply it to another.” ( FAQ page). Basically if you opt for the buy it now option than you lose $.25 per bid that you paid for. That seems a bit like a scam to me. If you lose than you are granted the ability to use a portion of what you lost to purchase a product from a website that wants to sell merchandise to you in the first place? Not such a great deal.  


I decided to look around to see if other consumers were happy with the site and could not find any independent reviews of the site, so I couldn’t gauge if folks were happy with their experience or not.  


To be fair I would have to say overall the site is well laid out, and easy to use. The cost does not seem prohibitive and they did have some decent offerings. It may be worth a look see to determine if there is anything that you feel would be worth bidding on.  


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Overall, the Bidzillion reviews show that this is a viable auction site and is not a scam. Review – Is Taxsalelists a Scam?