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The reviews show that this is an auction website that exclusively auctions off brand name accessories and jewelry. This website is a live auction website where the action is like that of a real time auction. There is no registration fee, there is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase and they pay for your shipping costs (which is a very nice touch). Some restrictions do apply to the refund policy, it is not an unlimited deal. There also may be a 15% restocking fee on some items as well.



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The website is well laid out, and easy to navigate. The “contact us” page contains email information, a California address and a toll free number, this is also a very nice touch. Most of the auction websites do not provide as much comprehensive information when it comes to contact information.


The reviews show that the items that are auctioned off are all brand name and authenticated with certificates of authenticity provided. I checked out the offerings and was pleasantly surprised by my findings. The jewelry (although the retail value was greatly inflated) did look to be of a decent quality, it is hard to tell though by looking at a picture online.  There were a few things that just did not sit right with me, the amount that this jewelry was supposedly retailing at was amazingly high, through the roof high, which made things seem a bit outlandish. Typically if something sounds too good to be true it is.


I was able to find some reviews from other websites that provide a place for consumers to review such sites as this. One review that sticks out was found on Viewpoints the reviewer left a laundry list of complaints about the products that she received to include “One look at the diamonds, and I knew this was not what they had advertised it to be. The naked eye could see serious flaws in the stones. I took it to a reputable jeweler and had him appraise it. He took one look and pushed my hand away. "How much did you pay for this? " I looked at him quizzically and told him how much. He shook his head and handed me back my "spectacular" prize. " Its worthless. The diamonds are fused, chipped, cracked, cloudy. Sorry hon." "Well, how much would you give me for this ring?" I asked. "Nothing, I wouldn't buy that ring, I could never sell it or use it. Its what we call in the trade, diamond dust."  Another independent reviewer on the same site ( left the following comment “ has loads of complaints against it. This jewlery auction site is big trouble for a lot of people. It was a headache for me and I won't ever shop there again.”


These complaints about should give anyone pause when considering doing business with this site. Typically when negative comments are left about an auction site they are left by folks that were not able to win anything on the site and that seems to provoke the negative comments, in the case of these two reviewers they both actually won items on the site and just generally felt that they were ripped off by what they won.


However, there were positive reviews about as well so don't rule it out just yet.


User Feedback

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"I just received my first order: a pave-diamond ring - and so far, it looks just as described and I am satisfied with this purchase" Epinions


"To date, I have purchased 2 items, a necklace, and two 3/4 carat diamond rings. I have been completely pleased with each purchase" Wiki Answers


"Overall experience with Items was more then positive, although some items arrived damaged and were returned" Google Groups


"I have purchased over thirty items over the last 3+ years. Some of them were better than others but I haven't been unhappy with any of them" YahooAnswers



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Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is a Scam