Reviews – Is Legit or Scam? Reviews – Is Legit or Scam? is an online jewelry auction site but it also has other items that are up for grabs as well like figurines and accessories like sunglasses. The first impression I got of this site was whoa! Not wow! But Whoa! As in slow down. The items that were on the landing page were very pricey. There was a bracelet that was won for almost $3000. While this item appeared to be a little high to me, it may still be a good deal. However I prefer to use a service like for finding good deals on jewelry.

Other Items

There were some other items on the landing page that gave me pause as well like a ring that was sold for $800. Not that I do not like jewelry and I do understand the gold market but there is something that just does not sit right with me about buying pieces online for that amount of money from an auction site.
I think when you are investing in a piece of jewelry that you are going to be paying $3000 for it is important to purchase it from a reputable dealer. Now that is an opinion it does not mean that this site is not a great place to score some high end jewelry and save some money. Review - The Site

The site is easy to get around. The categories are pretty clear cut and overall the site seems to be pretty up front. There is enough information presented to get the message that the site owners are very serious about the bidding that occurs on the site.
There are firm warnings about fraudulent activities and bid shilling (the practice of driving up the cost of an item by placing higher bids). Reviews - The Inventory

This is not your average auction site. The inventory here is high end. This is not your bargain website. If you are looking for high end jewelry, watches and other trinkets than this seems to be a good source. The inventory is plentiful.

This is a site that is international so the rules that govern you in the states and the laws that protect you in the states may not be enforceable elsewhere. Do your homework and read the information that is presented with each bid.
The site is easy to use. The inventory is high end and I’m sure there are some deals to be had.

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Overall, the reviews show this to be a legit site and not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for find good deals online.