Review - Is Bidstick a Scam Review - Is Bidstick a Scam?


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Bidstick Review

Editors rating  star star star 
Users' rating   star star 
Subscription Price   FREE to join, membership fees for placing bids only
Number of Listings    15 - 30 auctions daily
Geography    Nationwide 
Types of Auctions  Online auctions
Customer Service 

  E-mail and phone support

Bonuses   Bonus Bids with bid purchase
Free Search    Yes 
Auction Tips & Guides    No 
Purchase Direct    Yes
Money Back Guarantee    No 

The review shows this is an auction website that focuses on the penny auction model. You are bidding using the bids you have previously purchased in a bid pack. The bids are $1 each and are sold in various packs from $10 to $500 the higher the amount you buy the more free bids you will get with the pack, there were no bonus bids offered when you purchase the $10 pack.


Unlike most penny auction sites, the items offered here were actually quite impressive. There were high end vacuum cleaners up for grabs a lot of electronics were also listed, like the IPAD and IPOD Touch, lap tops, big screen TV’s, so that was rather refreshing to see actual high end items up for grabs.


It does seem like it would be fun to play this game of chance, as long as you know from the onset that is exactly what it is, a game of chance. The odds of winning one of the big ticket items is probably very low because as you are bidding against other folks you are also bidding against the clock, which is reset every time someone makes a bid. I would bet a fair amount of cash that some of these bids can literally go on forever.


The contact information was located through a tab way at the bottom of the page, but it was informative. There were email address contacts listed, a toll free phone number and an address was given, that to me lends credibility to the site.


The site was very easy to navigate, it loaded quickly and the landing page was enough to get my interest. If I had the time to hang around for awhile and was looking for any of the items that they were currently auctioning off I would have probably taken a chance for the $10 but I didn’t and they didn’t really have anything that was too interesting, and I did not want to sit around and bid on more bids so that I would not have to spend that much money to participate in an auction.


I waited awhile before I navigated away because I wanted to see how long it took for an actual win, but the auction outlasted my interest because it kept going on and on in a few second increments. I never actually got to see any auctions end, which just confirmed for me that this site was not what I was into.


All in all if you are into penny auctions and you have the time and patience, they have items that might be worth bidding on and pre spending some money, if I was going to use this site I would hang around long enough to see an actual win before I decided to buy those bids.


User Feedback

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“I spent $130 on bids and I have almost used all of them up, and I have not won anything yet. I guess you have to learn the charm.” Yahoo Answers

“I think it is a good auction site. It sucks that you have to buy bids, but man when u can get a HDTV for 50 bucks, that’s tight. I won a Sony digital camera for about 5 bucks.”

“It looked cool at first, looks like a scam thanks I retract my "I like it".”

“If you thought that getting the latest electronics for pennies was impossible, think again.”

From the Bidstick review, this is a legit site and is not a scam, however it lacks compared to Auction Resource. Review - Is Bidstick a Scam