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The review shows that this is a penny auction website. It is a well laid out website that I had tons of trouble navigating. I am not sure if it was the time that I visited but any tab that I clicked on caused the internet to stop responding, I thought initially that it was my lap top but was able to go to many other sites to try things out and it seemed the problem was not from my end. 


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I navigated away several times and returned but still there seemed to be a problem. I could not get past the landing page, so I decided to gather as much information as I could from the landing page.


Evidently you have to purchase bid packs to bid. This is a pretty common practice with the penny auction websites. I couldn’t really tell you how much the bids cost, because I could not access any of the other pages on the site, and the landing page did not offer up the information.


I did see that there was a 100 bid pack up for auction that retails for $85.00 which would stand to reason that the bids are $.85 each, but I am unsure. I could not find any coupons available for a discounted rate.


I noticed that they had a few interesting items that were up for auction, and did hang around to check out the wins but the clocks kept resetting, and it just became too frustrating.


I could not navigate the site at all, because I am certain that they were experiencing a technical problem, so that became frustrating as well. Eventually I was able to navigate around and with each click two copies of the page opened. They have some technical issues that they definitely need to address.



There were a lot of bid packs up for grabs and there were some high dollar items up for grabs as well, but given the technical problems they were having I don’t feel that great about using this site. At one point the audio kicked in on the site that was offering a tutorial but it was also a bit sketchy and scratchy, fading in and out.



Subscription Price: $0 but you do have to buy bid packs.

Geography: Nationwide?

Number of Items: Around 100


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Overall, the Bidsauce review shows that this is another viable penny auction site and is not a scam. Reviews – Is Bidsauce a Scam