Review – Is Bids4Cheap a Scam? Review – Is Bids4Cheap a Scam?




The review shows this is another auction website that focuses on the penny auction model. This is by far the cheapest penny auction site I have ever visited, the bids start at $3 for 10 bids, that is really the lowest cost I have ever saw for a bid pack.


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I was really excited to check this site out based on the prices they were quoting for the bid packs. So I clicked on current auctions only to find that the current auctions were only 9 listed. That had a Kindle listed and a WII among the nine items that were being auctioned off, the rest were for gift cards and a $10 in cash auction.


The contact page was an e form that had to be filled out, and sent and I guess they get back to you? There was no address that was listed nor a phone number that I found. The FAQ page was helpful enough.


There is a blog that is available on the website that gives updates etc.. regarding the website.


I checked out the ended auctions and took a look around to see what I had been missing and to be honest I don’t think I missed much. There were a lot of $10 cash auctions that you would receive via paypal, and some gift cards but really nothing to amazing at all. It looks like it would be fun for the thrill of it.


In all fairness though it could be a cool place to spend $10 as long as you keep your expectations realistic.


Subscription Price: Purchase bids

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: 9


Click here for the consumers #1 rated auction site


Overall, Bids4Cheap is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Bids4Cheap a Scam?