Review – Is Bidrodeo a Scam? Review – Is Bidrodeo a Scam?




The review show that this is a penny auction website that does not really have any stand out attributes from other penny auction websites. You have to set up an account with the website, than you have to purchase bids to bid, and than you either win or you lose.


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The cost per bid to participate in the auction is $.75 which is just about mid range as far as penny auctions go. The more bids you purchase the cheaper the bids are. The lowest bid pack that you can purchase is $37.50 for the starter pack of 50 bids. The Ultra Package costs $500, you get 800 bids at a cost of $.62 each.


I read through the “winners” page but it looked to me like it had not been updated in awhile, in at least 8 months or so, most of the winners testimonials were from 2009! I am not sure why they would not update this page, but it wasn’t. I think that most potential users would like to see some more recent winners comment on their win, it would lend a bit more credibility to the site.


The review show the the items that were for auction were the usual penny auction fare, lots and lots of gift cards and lots and lots of bid packs. There were some electronics that were being bid on when I visited, but definitely not enough.


The banner on the top of the website offers 5 free bids right under the sign up link, but you do not get the free bids until you win something, so that was a bust. I would like the ability to try out the website without having to lay out the $37.50 which is nonrefundable.


When I visited they had one game system, several game system controllers, 5 Apple Ipads, 2 Garmin   GPS and literally over one hundred bid packs and gift cards. Nothing really caught my eye. Independent unsolicited reviewers agreed with me and left the following comment “Theyre not a scam which is good but they don't have very many auctions and a lot of times they don't have the products I'm looking for.”


I think that spending $37.50 for the starter pack is a bit high, especially when you consider you may walk away empty handed.


The review shows that the website was easy to navigate, it was well laid out and there were tutorials, which is nice but the items just weren’t there to bid on and the cost to start up was a bit steep. There also was no contact or company information listed and this is a relatively new website started up in 2008, maybe with time the site will improve and the issues with the number of items available for auction will be resolved. Only time will tell.


Subscription Price:$0 but you have to purchase the bid pack to participate in the auction with the least expensive pack being $37.50.

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Hundreds (number of worthwhile items around 10)


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Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however there are better alternatives available. Review – Is Bidrodeo a Scam?