Review. Is Bidrivals a Scam? Review. Is Bidrivals a Scam?

 review shows that this is another penny auction site with a twist. You still have to buy bid packs to bid but if you do not win you can use your bids to buy the product at a deep discount anyway. It is a great model, but a thinly veiled attempt at selling stuff.



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I guess if you really want something and you can get it at a discounted price and you are not losing anything by trying to win it at auction why not try? The process seems relatively simple, you pre purchase bids and than you can place your bid at the auctions. The cost of the bids are reasonable at $.065 each so it is affordable and according to the website you can use the bids that you have already pledged to purchase the item at the buy it now price. I could not find any information regarding whether or not you can used those spent bids on any other items or are they exclusively to be used on the particular item you are bidding on. 


The website is easy to navigate, but I couldn’t find any contact information, unless it is buried on another page because it is certainly not readily available, which I don’t like.  It to me lends credibility to a company when you can see without much effort who you are doing business with. I do know that this is a worldwide company that serves quite a few countries.


The review shows that the merchandise that is available is a bit spotty, there are a lot of gift cards and plenty of bid packs and some electronics. When I visited there were 101 auctions going on and out of the 101 auctions there were approximately 50% of them dedicated to gift cards and bid packs.


I scoured the web looking for some independent reviews and came across “Im missing 4 items from bidrivals to, its been about 5 month now and i havent received anything from them. 2 x cameras, 1 x ps3 , 1 x ps3 game” (cool, another comment left on the same site “So my advice is this: if you are considering using BidRivals to try to buy some item for a smaller price, hopping that you can buy it for a bit less than the retail price if you don’t win the action, well DON’T DO IT! What about the item’s that you do win? Well, I never could win a action, since it’s too damn hard to win anything on BidRivals, without being completely ripped off... And I did spend some money in the last 6 months trying to…”


If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. This site does not have very positive reviews ( I could not find any). If you have the self control to register and watch the action it is strongly recommended that you simply take a look around and decide for yourself if it is worth the cost.



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Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however, there are better alternatives available.
 Review. Is Bidrivals a Scam?