Review- Is Bidhere a Scam? Review- Is Bidhere a Scam?



The reviews show that this is another penny auction site which actually surprised me when I checked it out. I was not surprised by the cost of the bids at $.60 each, nor was I surprised by the way the bids are placed or how the timer is reset with each bid. I was surprised by the type of merchandise that was being bid on.


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Unfortunately when I visit a penny auction site looking for some deals, I find tons and tons of gift cards and find nothing that really peeks my interest. There may be a couple of token large ticket items, but usually I find nothing more than bid packs and gift cards.


The Bidhere review shows that this auction site had a load of electronics like cameras and computer related items, pretty nice stuff. I almost got caught up in the excitement of the bidding, but then I visited the recently ended bids page and got my head back on right. The items that had sold were high ticket items and the prices that they sold for seemed fabulous, the reality was that the savings was good but by far not worth the risk of losing money to try to win the item. like most all penny auction sites require that you buy bids before you ever actually bid on anything, the bids that you purchase are usually worth $.01 each, you pay $.69 per bid, so right out of the gate you are losing $.68 on each bid. Once you buy your bids you can start bidding, if you lose you lose your money. It is more like a raffle that you have to compete for than an auction. You buy all these bids than you have to throw them into the pot to see if you can out bid other people.



The website was laid out well, it was easy to navigate and offered a slew of information about the process and tips and tricks to winning items successfully. Currently new members receive five free bids when they enroll. You need a valid email address to enroll and looking around is free, to bid you have to purchase the bid packs.  


On an independent reviewer left the following comment “BidHere is not a scam and provides a great experience.”  This review obviously was written by someone who won!


Bidhere is an easy to navigate website, the merchandise is high end- primarily electronics and there are plenty of items to choose from. The “contact us” page was not very informative it only had an email option that wasn’t actually immediately available. I like to know who I am doing business with. Since it is free to register and look around you might want to take a peek and use the five free bids to see what you can find.


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Overall, the review shows that this is a viable auction site and is not a scam.

 Review- Is Bidhere a Scam?