Bidfun Review – Is a Scam?



Bidfun Review – Is a Scam?



The review shows this is another penny auction site that auctions off a variety of electronic items and games. The website is easy enough to navigate although I was not able to ascertain any contact information from the website. I clicked on the contact us link only to be redirected to the FAQ page, and at the FAQ page the link that states “can find the answer to your question? Contact Us” brought me to another page where I had to input the subject of my questions, which than loaded another page that had potential questions and the answers. I simply could not get to any actual contact information. This appears to be a legit auction site but lacks some of the features and big ticket items that you could find at Auction Resource at a huge discount.



The Bidfun reviews show that this site works like most other penny auction sites, you have to purchase the bids before you ever actually bid on anything. The bids are sold in bid packs, they are referred to as “credits” and cost anywhere between $.80 and $1.00 the price difference is determined by how many credits you purchase. For example if you purchase 20 credits than you are paying $1.00 per credit if you purchase 500 credits than you are paying $.80 per credit. Registration is “free” but you have to purchase credits to participate in the auctions and your registration is not valid until you buy credits. Credits can not be refunded even if you cancel your membership, so moving forward with buying credits cautiously is certainly encouraged.


The Bidfun website is easy enough to navigate although there is not much information that is given about the owners of the website.


I like to see unsolicited consumer reviews on websites I am preparing to do business with, I was a bit disappointed by the reviews that I found about


“PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T BID WITH THIS SITE. Bidfun is a total ripoff. 1 bid equals approx $1 and only increases the bid amount by $.01. Using that math, an item selling for $20 actually nets them $2000+. You do NOT get your money back if you don't win the auction. If you do win the auction, not only do you pay $1 for every bid, you also have to pay the final amount of the auction. They are on the rip-off report list.”  Sitejabber


There were actually quite a few unfavorable reviews out there. I could actually not locate any positive reviews.


Some pluses; there are decent electronics available on this website.

Some minuses; no visible contact information, very bad consumer reviews, and it can get expensive when you are paying $1.00 per bid that actually equals $.01 per bid on the website.


Overall a combination of the unfavorable consumer reviews and the cost of participating this website simply does not seem like a worthy endeavor. It seems like it is a good way to be parted with your money.


Subscription Price: $0 but you have to buy credits at $1.00 each with the lowest option being a $20 pack.

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Less than 100



Overall, the Bidfun review shows this is a viable site and is probably not a scam, however there are better alternatives available such as Auction Resource.



Bidfun Review – Is a Scam?

























Legit Penny Auction Sites  


The title says it all! Legit penny auction sites by default,  indicates that there is a possibility that there are illegitimate penny auction sites. Savvy consumers everywhere know that if something sounds too good to be true than it probably is. You should check out the bidfun review to find out if this is a bidfun scam or not. 


Penny auction sites are places that people go to bid on items that they believe they will save a great deal of money on if they win. In some cases people do win. In most cases people do not win.  


If you don’t win at a penny auction site, does it meant that the site is not legit? In most cases the answer is no. These sites are very competitive but that does not mean that they are not legitimate.  


What is Legitimate? 


Legit penny auction sites are sites that: A) have items of value that they are auctioning off B) Do NOT use autobots to bid against you C) deliver the goods that you win. When you read reviews of penny auction sites sometimes it is really hard to read between the lines and figure out if the site is legit or not.  


Lets face facts if you win you love the site if you lose it can be hard to suck it up and drive on. Some people will write some really harsh stuff when they lose because they are simply poor losers. Make sure to read the bidfun review to find out if is a scam or not. 


Best Bets 


If you are looking for legit penny auction sites one of the best bets out there are and Both of these sites are well known and have sunk tons of money into advertising.  


Not that advertising really makes a site legit but typically you don’t put tons of money into television spots just to trick someone. These two sites have good reputations.  


You should look for a site that has more positive reviews than negative reviews. A lot of people do win big ticket items for pennies on the dollar! Ultimately most of the penny auction sites are legit you just have to be patient and thoughtful in your bidding to win. Read the review to find out if this is a bidfun scam. 


Legit penny auction sites are sites that are well laid out and that offer a clear opportunity for winning. You should feel comfortable with the site because the information that you need to contact the company is easy to find.  


There are a lot of legit penny auction sites far more than there are scam sites. You just have to be diligent on your part to make sure that you do a bit of research before you start bidding!  


Before you join, check out the bidfun review to find out if is a scam.