Bidfire Review – Is a Scam?



Bidfire Review – Is a Scam?




The review shows this is another penny auction website that has a couple of unique features. The bids cost anywhere between $.86 and $1.00, but every loser at the auctions actually wins something. They award you something called fireballs for each bid you spend, the fireballs can be collected and used at the fireball store, for new items. It may take awhile to amass fireballs, but it is better than getting nothing at all when you lose an auction.


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The cost is a bit high and to be frank there were not that many item that were truly that amazing. Of course the fact that you can earn fireballs for the money that you lose is a nice touch, but it can be a bit much to have to try to save up fireballs long enough to be able to buy something in the store.


I checked out the fireball store and found that the lowest costing item in the fireball store goes for 1799 fireballs.  I could not figure out how many fireballs you earn from each losing bid. I would guess it is not as many as you would like, but again it is a nice gesture to get something for losing.


They have a toll free number posted so that you can call with any questions or concerns. You can also use the FAQ page to see if your question is posted.  Mine were not but I did not call to ask my questions. I did not feel like it was really worth the effort, but that is my own laziness.


This site feels young and hip, there are twitter and face book connections to keep you updated on your bidding, which is a nice touch.


Overall the website is easy to navigate and user friendly. The list of auction items while I visited was not that impressive, I did not really see too many high ticket items. Most of the items were low grade and something that you could probably purchase at your local discount store.


This website is simple enough to use,  and like many of the other penny auction sites the items that are available are typically things you can find just about anywhere. Like most of the penny auction sites one of the biggest selling items on the website is bid packs or in this case fireballs.


Although the bids are a bit high, I have seen them much lower up to half the cost- there is always the rebates and coupons that you get in the form of fireballs. I guess this evens things out a bit.


Subscription Price: $0 but you have to purchase bids to get started at a minimum of $.86 a piece at the most $1.00 a piece.

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Hundreds


Click here for the consumers #1 rated auction site


Overall, the review shows this is a viable site and is not a scam.



Bidfire Review – Is a Scam?