Bidcactus Review – Is Bidcactus a Scam



Bidcactus Review – Is Bidcactus a Scam?




The Bidcactus review shows this is another penny auction website that is similar to the auction sites that have cropped up all over the world wide web. The only thing about this website that differs from the other penny auction sites seems to be the name of the site. It seems all of these sites have one thing in common; to topple the Ebay giant, but unfortunately this site in particular, at least as far as I am concerned has a long way to go before they are able to bump anyone out of the way. This appears to be a legit auction site but lacks some of the features and big ticket items that you could find at Auction Resource at a huge discount.


The Bidcactus review shows that this site bills itself as an entertainment and auction site. All of the items that are being auctioned are brand new items, the items range from the typical “bid packs” which you much purchase initially to bid on the site and than have the opportunity to bid on larger packs, to some electronics.


I perused the site for awhile hoping to gather as much information as I could regarding the items and winning items etc.., I was able to gather the following information:


Each bid costs $.75


Bid Packs start at 30 bids per pack and go all the way up to 500 bids per pack. With the larger bid packsthere are freebies (extra bids thrown in for good measure)


The website is very well laid out, the FAQ page was actually quite informative, the contact information for the company is also clearly posted, I did not have to roam around the website to find a phone number it is clearly posted across the top of the landing the page., which are all terrific qualities but if there is nothing that is being auctioned that is worth the effort no matter how well the site is laid out, it is not a good site to shop at.


The Bidcactus review shows that there were a lot of gift cards up for grabs, but to be honest I did not really see a lot of high end items. There was an Ipod Nano and a table top Cuisinart Grill and everything else that was listed was either a gift card or a bid pack. Unfortunately there was really nothing that caught my eye and nothing really put this site in front of the pack.


One thing that was a bit different from the other penny auction sites is the “voting area”, where members are encouraged to vote on the items that were to be listed, but again the items that were being voted on were primarily gift cards. 


The testimonials for were from winners on the site were at least six months old. 


Subscription Price: Free/ You have to buy bid packs to participate in the action.

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: 20?


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Overall, the Bidcactus review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam.




Bidcactus Review – Is Bidcactus a Scam