Bidblink Reviews – Is a Scam?



Bidblink Reviews – Is a Scam?




The review shows this is a penny auction website that offers the bids at one of the lowest cost on the internet. You pay $.40 per bid which is around $.10 cheaper than most penny auction sites.


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The lowest costing bid pack is $19.98 which is around $5.00 less than it is to get started on other websites. The $19.98 buys you 30 bids plus you get 20 bonus bids for free, which I think is really a great deal. I cruised around a bit and was able to find out the how’s of the site pretty easy.


They offer a reverse penny auction which starts out at one price for the item and instead of the item climbing with each bid it gets lower, in this type of auction you are primarily bidding against the clock, it seems like it would be a fun and unique way to bid.


Of course the lower bid prices are also a big sell point on this website.


The contact us information was simply an email address there did not appear to be any other way to contact the website. The FAQ page addressed some of my questions but not all of them, there was an option to ask additional questions but it required that you emailed with a return email, and I always feel like there is a good opportunity that I am going to get hit up with a bunch of junk email, which I hate so I do not like to give out my email address just to ask a simple question.


Most of the items listed were gift cards and bid packs, I really did not see anything that peeked my immediate interest.  If you are in the market for gift cards at a great discounted rate than this might just be the site for you, I am not.


The site is very easy to use, easy to navigate, the information is pretty straight forward and it really is one of the least expensive sites I have ever been to. Shopping for specific items on this website probably is not a great idea because it is sort of a hit or miss situation. You would do better off on a different site that might specialize in higher end items.


You do pay for what you get, so if you are after the thrill of bidding this might be a great site to check out because it is relatively inexpensive and it won’t hurt your wallet so much if you lose and you may get some great gift cards in the mean time.



Subscription Price: $0 but you have to buy bid packs so to get started you will need at least $19.98.

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: 100’s


 Click here for the consumers #1 rated auction site


Overall, the Bidblink reviews show that this is a viable auction site and is not a scam.



Bidblink Reviews – Is a Scam?