Review – Is Bid66 a Scam? Review – Is Bid66 a Scam?



The review shows this is another website that is dedicated to the penny auction model. They are open 7 days a week, but only from 6pm to 12am. They offer a toll free number if you have any questions which I love, because I like talking to real live people when I have a question.


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It costs $.50 per bid, which is around what it costs to bid at most penny auction websites. There are some unusual rules that apply to this website, for example you can only bid from your specific IP address that you registered from, if you use a different computer to log into your account from, you risk having both IP’s flagged.


While checking out the auction site, I noticed that a lot of the auctions had been paused. This was addressed in the FAQ’s. Evidently there is a host of reasons why an auction ticker would be paused, to include the belief by the site that there is cooperation among members to win an item. I realized all the auctions were paused because I visited during the day time hours when the auctions were closed. This was a bit weird to me because I am of the internet age where everything is typically open 24 hours a day.


The narrow time frame of 6 hours per day may make it difficult or inconvenient for some folks to use this site. They have an audio tutorial that will play if you click on the “how it works?” tab.  


The lowest bid pack can be purchased for $10 which you get 20 bids for. This is a pretty reasonable charge. You get 10 free bids to join, and you can use those bids to try to win more bids, which would be a great benefit.


The website was very easy to navigate and the information was pretty straight forward, because of the time of day that I visited I could not really see any of the live action. This was my biggest bone of contention with this website, the hours of operation were really not working for me. Maybe if they added some day time hours as well, I would be more apt to check things out.


I would say overall this was a decent site to check out, they seemed to have a nice amount of high end items that were peppered in with the usual bid packs and gift cards. I don’t like the IP restriction, because my ISP has a static IP connection which means that my IP address can change from time to time, sometimes in the middle of an internet browsing session.


This seemed like a good place to look around and maybe win something, but I could not really tell because I was there during off hours.


Subscription Price: $0 but you have to buy bid packs

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Around 100


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Overall, the Bid66 review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Bid66 a Scam?