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The review shows that this is another penny auction site. This means that the bids go up in increments of one cent each time a bid is placed. Beezid is a bit different from other auction sites, in that you purchase your bids before you actually bid.



This is an interesting idea, because as the review shows, you do not pay any membership fees or access fees and there is no bidding premium that has to be paid, but you do lose your bids whether you win or lose. The bid packs are sold for an undisclosed amount, until you join This appears to be a legit auction site but lacks some of the features and big ticket items that you could find at Auction Resource at a huge discount.


They do have an offer if you join this week, you will receive 10 free bids. I do have some experience with this website, I actually joined last year, and in a very short period of time realized that I was spending way too much money on the outside chance that I would win an item.


If the bids are costing you $25 for a pack of 50 bids you can easily go through those bids in one auction. Each time a new bid is received on an item fifteen seconds is added to the clock. The review shows that most folks that bid here wait to the last seconds to bid, so the clock is reset many times over. It is an exciting environment to bid in and before you know it all your bids are gone.


I guess if you win the item and do it rather quickly then it is a great way to go, but the number of items that they have listed is limited and there are many, many people that are bidding at the same time, so the chance of winning can be slim.


There are a lot of gift cards and Beezid gift packs that are being auctioned off, a lot of things that are being auctioned are things that you can probably find in local discount stores.


They do have some very limited bid for free auctions, in this case you do not have to purchase the bids, you simply pay for the item that you win, but again these are very limited items.


The main drawback I see with this site is that you have to pay whether you win an item or not. This does not sit right with me. I would prefer to have to pay a one time membership fee or no membership fee and maybe a bidding premium if I win and item, than have to buy bids and not win anything.



Subscription Price: $0 you pay for your bids instead

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Around 100 plus many gift cards




Overall, I would say that Beezid review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it lacks compared to the consumers #1 auction site of Auction Resource.

 Reviews – Is Beezid a Scam