Review – Is a Scam? Review – Is a Scam?  


The review shows that this is a website that offers foreclosure information for properties in all of the states across the US. This by far is not a unique site. These types of websites literally come a dime a dozen. Probably the most popular being Auction Resource. is actually pretty standard. You get the 7 day “free” trial that the other foreclosure information sites have to offer, there is a subscription fee you have to pay and largely the information comes from the same sources that other like websites get theirs from.  


Terms Of Service 


I briefly breezed through the terms of services and found a clause that stated if you share your password and user name with anyone that the company would pursue legal action for ten times the damages. That was a bit harsh.  


Free is Not Free!  


You can sign up for a seven day free trial except it is not free. It will cost you $3.95! Okay, I get that $3..95 is not a lot of money. The $3.95 s not the part that bugs me, it is the deceptive practice behind the “free” that bothers me! Why would anyone pay money for something that was supposed to be free? 


Honestly I feel that this website just starts off on the wrong foot. I would have had nicer things to say had the 7 day trial period would have been announced as a trial period for $3.95 instead of a free trial period. I felt deceived.  




The website s well laid out.  It is very easy to navigate.  There really is not a lot of upfront information to navigate through. The site is user friendly.  


What Other Folks had to Say 


Surprisingly enough I could not find any reviews of the site at all. This is highly unusual.  Tried to find corporate information about the site and could not find that either.  


It was a bit perplexing.  





Normally if I find one two many consumer reviews that are negative it will send up a red flag. Since I did not find anything negative I wont go as far as recommending this site but will not deny it may be a good bet. Keep your eyes open and read everything that you are agreeing to when you sign up just to be on the safe side. These foreclosure sites that are amply available on the web do not have great reputations.  


Subscription Fee: $39.95 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: Lists 


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Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as popular as Auction Resource Review – Is a Scam?