Review – Is Autobidmaster a Scam? Review – Is Autobidmaster a Scam?



The review shows this is an online auction site that specializes in auctioning off salvaged cars that are repairable and damaged cars. There is a registration process in place that requires the registrant has a valid drivers license and puts down a $400 deposit which is refundable.


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In theory you could really save some money buying a car this way, but that $400 refundable deposit, even though I do understand the necessity kind of sours me to the site. I checked out the “contact us” page and found at the information was straight forward. There is a telephone number listed and a physical address listed as well as email and fax information.


The review shows that the FAQ page was not that extensive, there were actually only 3 questions addressed and none of them were my questions.  I found all the fees to be a bit exorbitant. The registration fee is $150 but there is a fourteen day free trial period where you can actually purchase a car. Of course you will also be responsible for the shipping charges to get the car from the point of purchase to you. It still may be a great way to save some money.


I checked out the shipping page and filled out the form to see how much it would cost to ship something from two states away to me and the cost was right under $700. You cant check on the cars before hand, and  most  have what is known as a salvage title which offers no warranty at all. You may get a great easily repairable vehicle or you may get a vehicle that is beyond repair.


I found one independent review on complaints which listed as a scam. Evidently it is linked to and there were some concerns that the company has changed names a few times and domains, this really does not lead me to any negative conclusion by any means, but because the reviewer did not elaborate on the complaint I could not draw any conclusions one way or another.


The website is relatively easy to navigate but I really could not find much information about the website. There was not a lot of hard sell type promotions in place, which is actually nice, but there was not enough information in place either.


I could not find any satisfied customer type reviews, and that $400 deposit to bid, even though it is refundable just seemed like a lot of money to lay out even if it is refundable.


Overall if you are in the market for a used car that a little work this might be a great place to look there seems to be a huge inventory to choose from. There were tons of vehicles to choose from.


Subscription Price: $150 with a fourteen day free trial, there is a $400 refundable deposit. There is also a $200 fee that is attached to each car.


Number of Items: Tons cars



Click here for the consumers #1 rated auction site

Overall, the review shows that this is probably a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Autobidmaster a Scam?