Review – Is Auctionzip a Scam? Review – Is Auctionzip a Scam?

 is not an auction website. It is a subscription website that you join so that you can get “insider” tips on the location of auctions. The fee is rather nominal.



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The contact us page did include an address, telephone number and email address, which  I think lends credibility to the site. I could not find a FAQ page, which I do not like.  I did email my questions and received an automated response saying someone would answer my inquiries within forty eight hours. The fact that someone would not get back to me for forty eight hours left me a bit dismayed, obviously if I was looking for a site of this type and need some answers before I joined or proceeded than they would have blown the opportunity, I would simply find a site that could answer my questions. I think this would be the feeling of most folks, usually if you are contemplating joining this type of website you are thinking of the here and now.


The auctions that are listed on Auctionzip are primarily for classic type of collectables. Things like, currency, fine art, stamps and estate sale listings were mentioned. There was also a tab on the bottom of the page about restaurant equipment auctions and furniture auctions if you are so inclined.  These items were not really what I was interested in, so at any cost this was not the site for me.


The site was easy to navigate and I did find out something interesting about the site, you could register as an auctioneer to register local auctions.


I decided that if you were looking for one of the niche items that were listed and you wanted to review the auctions in your area that contained such items, well than $3.95 per month would seem to be an exceptional deal.


There is the terms of use policy posted and the subscription agreement that can be read through without having to join the website. The subscription agreement states that there is no refund of fees but that you can cancel at any time. You can buy a yearly subscription for $29.95 or you can go month to month for $3.95, I would say you are much better off going month to month than you would be to enroll in the year, this way if you get what you need from the site than you do not have to extend beyond the first month. This will give you a good opportunity to browse around without a long term commitment.



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Subscription Price: $3.95 per month or $24.95 per year.

Geography: Nationwide and Canada

Number of Items Listed: 0


Overall, the Auctionzip review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Auctionzip a Scam?