Reviews – Is Auction-warehouse a Scam? Reviews – Is Auction-warehouse a Scam?  


The reviews show that this is a pretty straightforward website. As soon as you hit the landing page right in front of you is the information you need to get started. I like this. I like knowing as soon as I get somewhere exactly what is happening. Seems like a good site but not as good as Auction Resource


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The registration is Free! I was able to find this out as soon as I landed on this website I did not have to root around for the information like I have to do at so many other websites like this one.  




The Auction-warehouse review shows that there are quite a few items but some were a bit strange like a subscription to Playboy magazine, not that a subscription to Playboy is strange, but that it would be auctioned off is a bit strange. You can pretty much get a subscription to any magazine from many different venues they are not that hard to find.  


The other strange thing was that there was very little bidding going on. I did not see most of the typical stuff being auctioned off, maybe that is why there was not a lot of action.  





There are no seller fees! This is a great opportunity to sell online without having to pay out a cut of the profits. There are some attention grabbing fees but I could not quite figure out how much these upgrades cost.  


Searching is easy for the buyer which is also a nice feature.  


Reviews has the following to say  “However, the only way to save money here is to get things at the minimum bid. If someone else bids on what you want, you're better off letting them have it. The odds are overwhelming that the identical item will come up for bid again, probably right after the auction you're on now closes. Bidding wars on Ebay are fun. Bidding wars on rarely happen and are basically throwing money away 


You really do not have anything to lose. You might as well take a look around and see if there is anything that you are interested in. It does not cost anything to register, bid or look so you can swing by and see if anything grabs your attention.


Subscription Price: $0  

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: Over 100 



Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as good as Auction Resource. Reviews – Is Auction-warehouse a Scam?