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Subscription Price Starting at $20 month
Number of Listings  1000's
Geography  Nationwide 
Types of Auctions  Listings to live and online auctions 
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Phone, Mail & Email

Free Search  Yes 
Auction Tips & Guides  Yes 
Purchase Direct  Yes 
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Publishers Description:

Artfact is the world's largest and most comprehensive fine auction database service including unabridged upcoming and past auction catalogs and price results for 2,000+ prestigious international art, antiques, and collectible auction houses of all sizes including Artcurial, Christie's, Doyle's, Eldred's, Gallerie Koller, Hindman, Ritchie's, Sotheby's, Swann, Tajan, and Weschler's to name only a few.

Use our databases to answer the important questions that art and antiques professionals and collectors continue to ask about buying, selling, and valuing:

  • What is it worth, and why?
  • Who made it?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What is it?
  • Where may I buy one?
  • When will it be for sale?
  • Where will it be for sale?
  • Who should sell mine?

Searching Artfact is fast and easy. Depending on which of our flexible subscriptions you choose, you'll be able to search and receive alerts about what you seek from over over $1 billion available each day at the world's finest upcoming auctions for as little as $2 per month; research the most comprehensive database of over 50 million past auction results valued at over $80 billion for as little as $20 per month; or, if you're interested exclusively in fine art, you can receive auction alerts and access auction prices for over 500,000 artists for as little as $35 per month.


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