Review – Is AlwaysatAuction a Scam? Review – Is AlwaysatAuction a Scam?




The review shows that this is another penny auction website. There is no fee to register nor is there any fee to browse around. You do not have to buy anything at all. You only pay for what you win.  The website auctions off brand new items all with a one dollar opening bid.  There are no reserves on any of the items.


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You can earn bid bucks with your purchases, you can earn 5% off the purchase price at your next auction. This is a great benefit that is usually not offered at most auction websites. Bid bucks can really save you some cash in the long run.


The help page is quite informative and answered most of my questions. The only form of payment that they accept is credit card payments, they do not accept debt cards even if they have the proper logo. This can be a problem for some folks.


I hung around the site for awhile to get a feel for it and watched as the clock wound down and folks were winning items at what seemed to be a reasonable cost.  On the downside of things there were only a few categories to choose from. Some categories were Jewelry, Home, Sporting Goods, Tools and Accessories.  There was quite a few items, but not an abundance of items.


I like the idea of not having to pay a membership fee or being required to buy bids before I even bid on anything. I also liked that they offered a customer service phone number, but did not like that there was no physical address listed, and there was no direct email posted, there was only e form to fill out and send.  I prefer knowing who I am doing business with.


The terms of service is available on the landing page via a small tab at the bottom of the page.  Basically the terms of service boils down to that they can change the service at any time.  There are three styles of auctions, Yankee, English and Open auction. The Yankee auction is used for lots of items, the English auction is  what most folks think of when they think of an auction, the bids are made until someone wins the items, and open auction is exactly like an English auction and from the information that was given I could not figure out what the difference is.


The pages are very easy to navigate and finding the items that are up for auction are also easy to locate. The only real problem I found is the lack of items that were available, there was really nothing that caught my eye. I think upgraded items might intrigue the users a bit more. I also think the site can be improved by adding other payment options like pay pal and debit cards.


The site is easy to navigate, the prices seemed reasonable, but there was a limited number of categories and items. 



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Subscription Price: $0

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: 100’s


Overall the review shows this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is AlwaysatAuction a Scam?




































 Review – Is Alwaysatauction Legit or a Scam?  



The review shows that this is an auction site where all the auctions start at one dollar. Each auction has no reserve and you can get in on the action for a one dollar bid. This is a great way to find great deals. The site is easy to navigate and well laid out there are plenty of items to choose from including high dollar items which are always hard to find at any of the auction sites. also offers you a way to earn back some of your bids. Wait a minute! Earn your bids back? Let me back up a bit and re read how all this works. Oh I see you have to buy your bids up front. This changes my entire perspective about this site. I thought you just bid a buck to start the auction and it worked like traditional auction sites but no no no it is more of a penny auction site except you pay a buck for a bid. 


That information has changed my entire attitude toward this site. That buck a bid is mighty expensive by penny auction standards. I felt compelled to dig deeper and see exactly how much you had the potential to lose at this site. Was it one dollar for one dollar on the bids in other words did you get a dollars worth of bid for a bid bought or did you get like a pennies worth of bid for a dollar bid bought. 


What I Found 


I have found that this is probably the most expensive penny auction site around. There is a lot of good items to bid on but ultimately I do not think there would be much more savings involved here. I think that you can do a lot better than this site as far as savings is concerned. There are however plenty of great items to choose from so for some folks this may be well worth the extra expense. 




The Alwaysatauction review shows that this is a decent site and there is an attempt to help you recoup some of your loses so it is not all bad. You can find many different high end items in the inventory. The site is a bit confusing so reading and understanding the terms are important. 


I think that you could give this site a shot but really think that you should browse around before you place any bids only because the cost is so high! 


Subscription Price: $0 

Number of Items: 100's 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 


Overall, the reviews shows that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online.