Review – Is Acauction a Scam Review – Is Acauction a Scam?  


The review shows that this stands for Alameda County Auctions. The company for this website is based out of Alameda County CA. This is not really an auction site at all. No auctions are held on this website, you have to physically go to the location in Alameda County CA. 



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The only thing you can get online at this website is a catalog of upcoming auctions and you can preview inventory.  


The website is nothing more than a shell that is used to advertise used cars. You can fill out a credit application online because they do allow their cars to be financed but beyond that there is not much to do at this site.  


If you live in driving distance of Alameda County where the auctions are held than this website can be useful, but for anyone else it would be a waste of time.  


Lay Out  


The website is certainly not complex. There are only a few pages to choose from some, navigation is not an issue. You can register for free to receive updated information about the auctions and catalogs of the cars that are coming up for auction.  


Consumer Reviews  


There are no consumer reviews which I largely believe is do to the small audience that would be interested in this website.  


Some Good Points 


This website is free and if you live in the area or are willing to travel to the area than it may be a great way to find a car that is on the cheap.  


It can be a great opportunity! The free part to look around and consider your bidding options is a great way to shop.  




This site is not really relevant unless you plan to travel to Alameda County CA to bid on the vehicles. There is no bid online option so you have to appear in person or at the very least have someone appear for you to bid.  



Subscription Price: $0 

Geography: California  

Number of Items: Fluctuates 


Overall, the review shows that this is viable service and is not a scam, however you can probably find better deals at a site like Auction Resource. Review – Is Acauction a Scam